Customers can easily pre-order bread by scanning the QR code with their smartphone

We have developed an ordering process that allows your guests to place their preorder via their smartphone within seconds, without the need for an additional app or registration.

1. Pull out your smartphone and scan the QR code!

The QR code poster takes your guests directly to your shop with their smartphone within seconds and they can easily place their preorders there.
All modern smartphones can now read QR codes without an external app. All your guest has to do is open the normal camera app and scan the QR code. Alternatively, the shop can also be accessed via the link shown.

2. Order bread rolls and other goodies!

On the order page, your guests will find all your products. Here they enter the number of products they want and their name, email address and (optionally) seat number. This is followed by a summary of the products, which then only need to be confirmed. This way the order is done in 2 steps, without complicated registration. In addition, the guest receives an order confirmation with their products by email.
Here you can reach our test shop and test our ordering process!

3. Pick up or receive the order

The next day your guests can pick up their ordered products and enjoy fresh baked goods! Of course you can also bring the preorders to your guests.
As CampingBrötchen only digitalises the ordering process, the following is still up to you as the operator: At the end of the day, an order summary of all preorders is sent to you and your specified partner (bakery, employee, etc.). You or your partner procures/bakes the ordered products and your guests can pick them up from you the next day. Payment is then made on your site.

Digitise your ordering process for your bread roll preorders

“Finally no paper lists more! Both the interface for me as the operator and the ordering process for our guests are great!” - Friedrich Schnieder, Wehlingsheide recreation park